Justice ‘Reins’ at Connell hill’s Derby

| November 2, 2015


The second qualifier of the £1000 Indoor Derby League at Connell Hill was a most staggering fun filled day coupled with huge enthusiastic competition.  Riders turned out in full competition attire with their mounts immaculately groomed and prepared for an exciting day of jumping.  The tracks set, comprising working hunter, novelty and show jumping fences required skilful riding with precision stride making for a volume of side-line encouragement.  The show commenced with the 60 cm class which saw Sophie Molloy take the first honours of the day going through to the jump-off  on ‘Dougie’ with Erin Mathieson on her super horse ‘Fantastic Mr Fudge’ proudly take second and Niamh Mathieson take an outstanding third on ‘Pixie’.  This exciting day then moved to the 70 cm class which saw ‘Justice’ zoom home into first place in the jump-off with Myah McClean and Jodie Creighton stand second on ‘Monarch’.  Cherie McHugh then took the 80 cm class by storm jumping the only clear round on ‘Morgan’ with Ella Heron on ‘Dan Boy’, and certainly a combination to watch out for in the future, going through to the jump-off take a most commendable second.  This staggering day of jumping saw Susan McIlhagga win the 90 cm class jumping the only clear round on ‘Dolly’ with Alex Henry-McCool picking up second on ‘Teaka’ in the jump-off.  This roller coaster day ended with the 1.0 class which saw Justine Harding triumphantly win on ‘Charissma’ and Peadar McLaughlin proudly stand second on ‘Kiana’.  So with prizes, money and in Kind up to 6th placings all is to jump for at the final on Sunday 22nd November at 10.00 am.  Contact Gillian on 078 0317 8009 or Grace on 077 6588 4254 for further details/information.


60 cm:  1st Sophie Molloy – Dougie, 2nd Erin Mathieson – Fantastic Mr Fudge, 3rd Niamh Mathieson – Pixie

70 cm:  1st Myah McClean – Justice, 2nd Jodie Creighton – Monarch, 3rd Ella Heron – Dan Boy, 4th Niamh Mathieson – Pixie, 5th Erin Mathieson – Fantastic Mr Fudge

80 cm:  1st Cherie McHugh – Morgan, 2nd Ella Heron – Dan Boy, 3rd Alex Henry-McCool – Charley B, 4th Chloe Connon – Blue Bell, 5th Nicola Martin – Flash

90 cm:  1st Susan McIlhagga – Dolly, 2nd Alex Henry-McCool – Teaka, 3rd Keavy Molloy – Misty, 4th Georgia Kirkwood – Tia Maria

1.0 m:  1st Justine Harding – Charissma, 2nd Peadar McLaughlin – Kiana, 3rd Rachel Chapman – Pippa, 4th Mary Hegarty – Iky, =5th Stephanie Scullion – Tiger, Rachel Chapman – Duffy

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