Nanny McPhee Sets Bar High at Connell Hill’s Training Show

| November 6, 2015

Connell Hills Training Show on Friday night saw the tracks set and awaiting the first competitors of the night to take the opportunity of training and brushing up on skill in the comfort of the indoor arena.  Here the highly maintained surfaces, in both the outdoor and indoor arenas, offer great ride-ability and encourage the horse forward achieving greater heights showing their true potential.  Laura McIlhenny and ‘Nanny McPhee’ jumped a great clear round in the opening class, the  x-poles.  The 30/40 cm class saw a clear round for Sandy McIlhenny on this very appropriately named ‘Class Lady’ at her debut show.  Gemma Surgeoner was spot on with a clear round in the 50 cm class on her super horse ‘Spot’.  The clocks may have been set to go back at the weekend but going forward was certainly high on the agenda for Sophie Clugston jumping the only double clear round in the 70 cm class on ‘Paige’ and then a double clear in the 90 cm class on ‘Billy’.  ‘Colorado’ and ‘Quida’ took the 80 cm and 1.0 m classes, respectively, by storm with Laura Sloan.  So as riders, owners and spectators socialised with coffee, soft drinks and snacks and enjoyed the night why not come along and join in to forward start your weekend.  Contact Gillian on 078 0317 8009 or Grace on 077 6588 4254 for further details.


x-poles:  Rebecca Saunderson – Tabasco, Janseen Hill – Beechmount Harvey, Sandy McIlhenny – Class Lady, Laura McIlhenny – Nanny McPhee

30/40 cm:  Ella Hill – Pumpkin, Jessica McDowell – Chloe, Laura McIlhenny – Nanny McPhee, Sandy McIlhenny – Class Lady, Sammy-Jo McMullan – Tabasco

50 cm:  Gemma Surgeoner – Spot, Ella Hill – Pumpkin

60 cm:  Janseen Hill – Beechmount Harvey, Gemma Surgeoner – Spot, Sammy-Jo McMullan – Connie

70 cm:  Janseen Hill – Gizmo, Joyce Scott – Connie, Dawn Reeve – Holly, Sophie Clugston – Paige, Donna Dawson – Gabriel

80 cm:  Laura Sloan – Colorado

90 cm:  Sophie Clugston – Billy

1.0 m:  Laura Sloan – Quida

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