‘McMullan Team in Top Form’ at Connell Hill’s Training Show

| October 22, 2015

Connell Hills action packed weekend got off to a flying start with the Training Show on Friday night with competitors, not only, take full advantage of this glorious autumn weather but also train/school over tracks built to offer confidence aiming higher.  This most enjoyable night, with much encouragement from the side-lines, commenced with a full house of clear rounds in the x-poles class and then as the course was adjusted the 30/40 cm class saw Chloe McMullan, the youngest member of the McMullan team,  demonstrate her talent jumping a most speedy very well controlled clear round.  Another young athlete with huge talent and dedication, Alex McMaster, jumped a smooth clear round on ‘Sooty’ in the 50 cm class going on to take double clear in the 60 cm challenge with Gemma Surgeoner on ‘Spot’ and Donna Dawson, to a round of applause, on ‘Gabriel’.  With a real ‘buzz’ and tanked up on ‘diesel’ the 70 cm class kicked off resulting in double clears all round.  The arena crew then set the track for the 80 cm class which saw, Kenny McMullan, ‘the super man behind the McMullan Team’, jump double clear on ‘Juno’.

Training will continue each Friday night at 6.30 pm, x-poles – 1.0 m, and with viewing gallery and café facilities on site why not come along and ‘kick start’ your weekend.  Also your last chance to qualify for the £1000 Derby League this Sunday, 25th October, at 10.00 am, classes 60 cm – 1.0 m, competitors must jump at one qualifier to be eligible for prizes in the final on Sunday 22nd November.  Contact Gillian 078 0317 8009 or Grace 077 6588 4254 for further details/information on Connell Hills shows or facilities.


x-poles:  Rebecca Saunderson – Tabasco, Niamh McAllister – Adonis, Jessica Mulgrew – Smartie

30/40 cm:  Dylan Beggs – Dora, Niamh McAllister – Adonis, Jessica Mulgrew – Smartie, Chloe McMullan – Ruby

50 cm:  Gemma Surgenor – Spot, Dylan Beggs – Dora, Alex McMaster – Sooty

60 cm:  Alex McMaster – Sooty, Donna Dawson – Gabriel, Gemma Surgenor – Spot, Cherie McHugh – Storm

70 cm:  Alex McMaster – Diesel, Sophie Clugston – Buzz, Ellie McDonald – Jester, Leah Chestnut – Kate, Kenny McMullan – Juno

80 cm:  Ashley Kelly – Jimmy, Alex McMaster – Diesel, Sophie Clugston – Billy, Chloe Connon – Blue Bell, Kenny McMullan – Juno

90 cm:  Elle McDonald – Bee, Chloe Connon – Blue Bell


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