The ‘Name of the Game’ is Connell Hill

| November 10, 2014

connellhillThe Training League Show at Connell Hill on Friday night is encouraging young riders and horses to go forward, enter upon, and become part of the world of show jumping, as the first class, the x-poles saw a full house of clear rounds.  The ‘name of the game’ is to bring on future athletes and novice horses and this result is so encouraging to see these young competitors come forward and take part in this elite sport.  The McCartney Girls, Erin on ‘Tilly’, and Beth on ‘Folly’ both jumped clear rounds as they took the 50 cm challenge.  Young riders and young horses then took the 60 cm challenge with Skye Dawson jumping a super double clear on ‘Humpty’ and Yasmin Boyle jumping double clear on novice ‘Phantom’.  This show, where help, advice and guidance on hand saw Rachel Blaney go forward and confidently jump double clear on ‘Seaview So So’.  The night then moved to the 80 cm class which saw skilful double clears for Hannah Thompson on ‘Tia’ and Dean Cotton on ‘Gem’.  This league, which has five show dates before the final on Friday 19th December with competitors jumping at five shows with same rider and horse combination to qualify, then saw double clears in the 90 cm class for Seaneen McCoy on ‘Hazel Star’ and Natasha Henderson on ‘Snip-It’ with Natasha and ‘Snip-It’ claim double clear in the 1.0 m class.




X-Poles:  Niamh McAllister – Kinard Sally, Ashley Kelly – Jack, Ellen O’Neill – CoCo, Kimberley Cotton – Danty, Rebecca Saunderson – Col, Joel O’Neill – CoCo


50 cm:  Connor Stewart – Harry, Erin McCartney – Tilly, Beth McCartney – Folly, Skye Dawson – Humpty


60 cm:  Yasmin Boyle – Phantom, Helen Faulkner – Carter, Gaby Morgan – Tabby, Beth McCartney – Folly, Niamh Porter-Payne – Wynn Dixie, Skye Dawson – Humpty, Sammie-Jo McMullan – Pixie, Kerry McCloskey – Monday – Brigid Delargy – Herbie, Nicola Donnelly – Zoe, Emma Todd – Skye


70 cm:  Helen Faulkner – Danny, Rachel Blaney – Seaview So So, Natasha McKernan – Star Status, Alanna Dunlop – Ready Steady Go, Niamh Porter-Payne – Wynn Dixie, Emma Todd – Skye, Brigid Delargy – Bling, Sammie-Joe McMullan – Pixie, Audrey Leahy – Portia, Robert Newell – Luxy


80 cm:  Natasha McKernan – Star Status, Philip Cole – Friday – Hannah Thompson – Tia, Dean Cotton – Gem


90 cm:  Natasha McKernan – Star Status , Natasha Henderson – Snip-It, Seaneen McCoy – Hazel Star


1.0 m:  Natasha McKernan – Snip-It

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