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| March 3, 2012


Chiropractic is a drugless, holistic method of health care that can be applied to any animal with a spinal column. Chiropractic theory is based on the nervous system that is housed in the spinal column and how it relates to the proper functioning of the entire body. The spinal cord carries all the nerves that go to every muscle and organ in the body. These nerves exit the spinal column through areas between vertebrae, which are the individual spinal bones.

Chiropractors believe that adequate nerve supply is vital to the proper functioning of the entire body. When the vertebral bones are misaligned even very slightly, they affect the nerves and the flow of nerve impulses.

A chiropractic adjustment is aimed at correcting the misalignment and restoring the proper functioning of the nervous system. This in turn allows the musculoskeletal system to work properly.

So chiropractic is not only used to fix and correct injuries but regular check ups ensure that the horse is working at its optimal level. Its a bit like a racing car getting fine tuned before a big race.

Many riders also feel that if they are unbalanced that can also effect the way they ride their horse. Jayne Doherty has regular chiropractic treatment as well as her horses.

“After Keith started treating me I felt much more comfortable in the saddle and totally balanced”

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You can also reach him on his mobile +44 (0) 775 374 3777

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